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Dave Spitzer wins Black Tee Club Championship! Thad Zbrzeznj and Brian McGrath win White Tee Championship…

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Dave Spitzer held off two time champion Lucas Marsh to secure his first Black Tee Club Championship at Whispering Woods. Shooting scores of 77-77 in the two day event was enough to top runner up Marsh (79-76) by one shot. Spitzer needed a five foot par putt on the 18th to take home the title.
In the White Tee net division Brian McGrath won with two day net scores of 74-71 (145) Thad Zbrzeznj won the gross division from the White tees with scores of 82-81 (163)

Kirk Stauffer Fires 66 from Black Tees for course record!

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Kirk Stauffer fired a 66 from the Black Tees on July 30th to set the new Black Tee course record. Kirk made birdies on 3,4,6,12,13,17 and an eagle on the 8th in route to his 66. Kirk also won the WNYPGA Club Pro Championship with his second day 66. He shot scores of 71-66/137 for the victory. Kirk is the Head Golf Professional at Pine Acres Country Club in Bradford Pennsylvania.

2013 Member/Member Winners

Monday, June 3rd, 2013
Tanica Bell and Mike Chessario winners of the 2013 Member/Member

Tanica Bell and Mike Chessario winners of the 2013 Member/Member

Tanica Bell and Mike Chessario shot a net 55 to capture the 2013 Member/Member. Brian McGrath and his partner Bob Amendola finished in second with a 61. The overall Gross winners shooting a 73 were Jeff Hutchinson and Jim Piekanski. They were followed up by the team of Gary Ebach and Rich Brown with a 74. Thanks to all the Members who participated in this years Member/Member!

Chili Cookoff Par 3 Cookoff Results!

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Chili Cookoff Par 3 Results.

45.5 Cross, Krysiak, Bukowski
45.5 Agnello, Federici, Nuara
46 B Zenewicz, Oeflein, Mercier
47 Gutting, Zaleski, Bauer
48.5 Achille, Coleman, Orlando
48.5 Fessler, Fessler, Hirsch
48.5 Chessario, Bell, Zbrzeznj
49 Reichert, Winner, Richards

Chili Winners

1st Rocky
2nd McKendrick
3rd Swinarski

October 6th/7th Member Tee Times

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Saturday Oct 6th
7:50 Bauer, Gutting, Zaleski, Ballay
8:00 Maciuelewicz, Reed, Geib, Brown
8:10 Scully, Pugliese, Vemulapalli, Quivey
8:20 Delsandro, Ebach, Piekanski
8:30 Torok, Tomechko, Knight
8:40 Reichert, Georger, Zbrzeznj, Hosford
8:50 Szymankski, Komora, McClain Sr.

Sunday, Oct 7th
7:50 Bauer, Gutting, Zaleski, Ballay
8:00 Lauer, Gutting, Gronk
8:10 Geib, Brown, Brown
8:20 Weber, Reid, Fretwell, Mac
8:30 Fessler, Fessler
8:40 Carneval, Tomechko, Piekanski
8:50 Pepicello, No Show Tyler, Natalie, Bednarski
9:00 Zbrzeznj, Domian, Georger, Reichert
9:10 Szymankski, Wildauer, Komora
9:20 Harvey, Burgess, Connolly, Dexter

Sat/Sun Sept 29th & 30th Tee Times

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

7:30 Zaleski, Lauer, Bauer, Kaiser
7:40 Yaple, Maciulewicz:, Fretwell
7:50 Weber, Reed, Geib, Brown
8:00 Reichert, Hosford, Zbrzeznj, Chessario
8:10 Carneval, Tomechko, Ebach, Brown
8:20 Komora, Szymanski, Piekanski, Hutchinson
8:30 McClain Sr, Devine, Domian, TBD
8:40 McGrath, Guest, Amendola, Stack
8:50 Zenewicz, Zenewicz, Shaffer, Carter
9:00 Harvey, Burgess, Dexter, Connolly

7:30 Zaleski, Gutting, Kaiser, Lauer
7:40 Yaple, Maciulewicz, Fretwell
7:50 Brown, Weber, Reed, Geib
8:00 Harvey, Burgess, Dexter, Connolly
8:10 Reichert, Zbrzeznj, Winner,
8:20 Carneval, Bednarski, Pepicello, Tyler
8:30 Tomechko, Piekanski, Brim
8:40 Wildauer, Szymanski, Komora, Timpano
8:50 Devine, Bell, Domian, Stack

Whispering Woods Wins Raptor Cup 18 & 1/2 to 5 & 1/2 over Lake Shore C.C.

Monday, September 24th, 2012

The Raptor flipping the switch to signify the Whispering Woods team as victors of the 2012 Raptor Cup

Skins Game Sept. 15th

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Lou Natalie 3 on #5 $13.00
Matt Passalinqua 4 on #12 $13.00
Thad Zbrzeznj 3 on #4 $13.00
Brian McGrath 2 on #11 $13.00
Lew McClain Sr 3 on #13 $13.00

Dave Devine 2 on #6 $12.50
Brian McGrath 3 on #9 $12.50
Bob Amendola 2 on #11 $12.50
Dave Devine 2 on #14 $12.50
Dave Devine 3 on #16 $12.50
Dave Devine 3 on #17 $12.50

Saturday Skins Results

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Lucas Marsh 2 on #2 $16.00
Mark Patrizia 2 on #4 $16.00
Mark Patrizia 3 on #5 $16.00
Tony Pepicello 2 on #6 $16.00
Matt Passalinqua 4 on #7 $16.00
Mark Patrizia 3 on #8 $16.00
Damian Knight 3 on #12 $16.00

Lucas Marsh 2 on #2 $31.25
Mark Patrizia 2 on #4 $31.25
Mark Patrizia 2 on #8 $31.25
Damian Knight 2 on #12 $31.25