Third Tee

3 Person Scramble Results

On Saturday, May 15th, WWGC hosted its first Member Event of the 2010 season. The 3 person scramble was well attended and a very fun day for all! Thank you to everyone for making it a success.

Congratulations to the winners:
Gross 1st Place- Don Burdick, Jenn Schade, Sean Foust
2nd Place- Mark Noce, Ron Coleman, Shawn Wallace
3rd Place- Rick Carlotti, Don Fessler, Lou Natalie
4th Place- Chad Bednarski, Rob Thompson, Joe Neilson
5th Place- Neil McCoy, Zack McCoy, John Arrigo

Net 1st Place- Brian Harvey, Rick Burgess, Bob Dexter
2nd Place- Rob Brim, John Torok, Damian Knight
3rd Place- Dave Mead, Matt Mead, Dave Lewis
4th Place- Vince Timpano, Denny Wildauer, Chris Komora
5th Place- Ed Zenewicz, Pete Zenewicz, Al James

Don Burdick, Jenn Schade, Sean Foust - Winners of the Three-Person Scramble

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  1. Chris Komora Says:

    Are full results going to be posted online ? i.e. Winning teams 1 through 5

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